Old Schoolhouse Candy specializes in fresh, buttery-rich, hand-dipped gourmet mints for weddings, banquets, gifts or for whenever you need a little sweetness in your life!

Our candies are made the old fashioned way, with fresh ingredients and tender loving care, for occasions when you want everything to be perfect.  They are deliciously different, rich confections that can be made to your specifications.

Brides and their guests, plus the hosts of the event and other vendors raved over our specialty, Old Schoolhouse Candy mints, at the Great Bridal Expo in Chicago.  Here are just a few of the comments we received:

"Hi Carol, My sister received mints from your company for her son’s wedding tomorrow. She was so excited to let me try one and after I tasted it I knew why she was so excited. They really are the best mint we both have ever tasted. My sister and I will be sure to tell anyone we can how great your mints are." Mary Lou Account Executive Customized Newspaper Advertising"

"I've never tasted anything so wonderful in my life.  I wasn't going to try them, but I'm  sure glad you encouraged me to.  They are heavenly!" --Carolyn Davis, Chicago, IL


"I'm so glad you came to this show.  Your mints are wonderful and beautiful.  I'm going to recommend them to all my clients.  They'd make a beautiful, edible centerpiece!"        ---Wedding Specialists, Naperville, IL

At the KGAN Bridal Show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we received these comments:


"I've been the DJ at nearly a thousand wedding receptions and eat mints at all of them. These are, without a doubt, the best mints I've ever tasted!"

"We make mints for wedding and banquets, but they aren't nearly as good as these!  They are so exceptional that we'd like to recommend them to our clients."   ---Econofoods Catering

"These are simply delicious.  They are different than any dinner mint I've ever tasted.....They are definitely the best." ---Shelley Kamp, Accents Custom Wedding and Event Service

"Your mints are the best thing I've ever tasted.  I must have these for my daughter's wedding!"  ---Karen Louk, I DO Publishing

"Your mints are awesome!"----Shelby Billiek, KGAN TV2

"These are wonderful, and no one is available to make mints any more.  Could we recommend your mints to our clients?"----Aero & Buresh Rental Catering

Brides said......

"Oh my goodness, these are wonderful!"

"I don't usually even like mints, but these are incredible,"

"These are the best mints I've ever had in my life!"

"I just have to have these at my wedding.  They are not too sweet, minty but not overwhelming, they simply melt in your mouth!"

"These mints are beautiful, and they taste that way, too!"

If you are planning a wedding or banquet, or a private or corporate party, or just need a special or unique gift, you and your guests will rave over the smooth, buttery-rich mint filling and  the sweet, creamy covering of  our melt-in-your-mouth gourmet mints.  And, for our chocolates, we've searched out the finest, smoothest and silkiest milk, burgundy, and dark chocolate that will please the most discerning choco-holic palate.

Don't take our word for it, order our twelve piece sampler.  You'll be glad you did!

We also have a selection of gift boxed mints.  We give every order a detailed inspection and deliver in plenty of time for your date or event.

   For the times in your life when you want everything to be perfect,

leave the confections to us!

Old Schoolhouse Candy

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